Here is my interview with John Findley



Name:-` John Findley

Age     72

Where are you from

Woodleigh, Victoria, Australia. The farms around us are small by Australian standards, ours being only seven acres and it is by definition a “hobby farm.” Our daughter and her husband purchased it about five years ago; we sold the family home helped with the money and built a second house on the farm.

I grew up in several country towns, went to a different school each year as we moved often until we finished in Melbourne. Spent four years at a secondary school, “Richmond Tec,” found out that there was more to school than heartache and sadness, I met some fantastic educators some took an interest in us as students and really helped. As well I met the other side of learning, finding out what corporal punishment was all about.

Then thirty plus years with a government bank, watching the…

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I enjoy reading, looking forward to moving out of home with my future husband. I enjoy life and the friends we have made.

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